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From our experience we have learned that the necessities faced by those who arrange a marriage are endless. Every choice, every aspect is going to create your own special aura for that day. We have learned that it is always in the midst of preparations that you discover new details that were not foreseen. Don’t worry, we're here for you!

You may need the design project of your wedding… or the care of the event from start to finish. It may be a civil or religious ceremony of any creed. You might want a classic and timeless location or maybe you want to choose a more extravagant one with its own meaning.
Whatever your needs are, we offer you our expertise. We work in total autonomy to guarantee you the maximum freedom in planning your event, while putting at your disposal suppliers that have been carefully selected from among the best ones in the industry.

We provide a dedicated and personalized service, covering all aspects of the wedding while taking care of the couple and the guests. When planning and organizing the event, the couples can decide how and to what degree they wish to be involved- by either actively participating at every stage or by simply enjoying the tranquility before the big day.

We cover any services, including but not limited to:



The perfect wedding is like haute couture dress designed and made to measure: it should highlight a unique style and dress perfectly the protagonist, making them feel at ease and special. Just like designers are responsible for the realization of the clothes from the first sketch to the final show. To be designers of the most beautiful day means to conceptualize, design, and plan every detail of the wedding. This entails following the newlyweds step by step, understanding their wishes and needs, advising them in the choice of invitations, floral decorations, and music. It also consists of coordinating the best suppliers, renting unique decorations for the ceremony and reception, organizing the transfers and booking the hotels, addressing problems and finding solutions, so that the couple can remain calm as they await their special day.

For those who choose "full wedding planning", our assignment: is to take complete care of your day so that each piece is in the right place and every detail is perfect; our professionalism and experience always at your disposal.


The organization of the perfect wedding is not only about excellent food and a dream location: the perfect wedding must have a unique and inimitable style and always remain in tune with couple’s true personality. This is where the details come into play. From the invitations to the floral arrangements, from the color story that will be the leitmotiv of the event to the seating chart; we can design and create a custom design for the couples who have already thought of all the organizational aspects, but that need help to make the most important day of their lives distinctive.


Organizzare il matrimonio perfetto non significa solo cibo eccellente e una location da sogno: il matrimonio perfetto deve avere uno stile unico ed inimitabile, che sia la più fedele manifestazione della personalità degli sposi. È qui che entrano in gioco i dettagli.

Dalla grafica degli inviti alle composizioni floreali, dal tableau alla scelta dei colori che saranno leitmotiv dell'evento, possiamo ideare e realizzare un design personalizzato per gli sposi che hanno già pensato a tutti gli aspetti organizzativi, ma che non sanno come realizzare una cornice esclusiva che renda memorabile il giorno più bello.


Secretly running away to get married is as romantic as the possibilities we can create for you to tie the knot. You may either choose to marry the love of your life in an intimate ceremony all by yourselves or with the witnesses. The celebration of such a private event can be a truly romantic wedding. If this is your wish, we can take care of every aspect so as to help make precious the intimate atmosphere of that moment, from the choice of location to the organization of the dinner, in order to capture the magic of every moment.


Sharing the joy of the wedding with your own family and friends also means hosting, entertaining, and giving them precious memories. Our idea of welcome is not only limited to hospitality. We can also plan and organize a weekend full of moments of conviviality and fun, like a dinner the night before the ceremony, a brunch on the following day or a day trip with a picnic. Marriage may serve as a unique opportunity to bring together family and friends, and make them feel like protagonists of your most beautiful day.


The story of the wedding does not start when a bride walks down the aisle, but from the engagement proposal. The mood of that instant, the emotion in his voice and in her eyes, that long awaited and desired Yes: each detail of that moment becomes fixed in their memory and become a part of their story together. We can provide you with a beautiful experience by helping you conceptualize and create everything needed for an unforgettable wedding proposal: so, if you are planning to say the important phrase "Will you marry me?¨, our proposal planner will help you ask the most romantic question. In Italy this moment can be made unforgettable.


Celebrating love does not only regard the wedding proposal or the marriage, but also the desire to re-live the emotions of that day on your anniversary by renewing your vows surrounded by friends and family. Or it may consist of celebrating a special birthday. Every event is an occasion to share your joy with your family and friends. We can design and plan each private event to make it unique and memorable. Because every event can be made special by the attention and love you give to the details.


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