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Sometimes mathematics is just an opinion: we believe that 1 +1 equals 1. Strange? No, for us it is a poetic formula. 1 +1 = a couple, the result of your love, the meeting of two special people. You, with all your plans and wishes, you, after “I do”, will become a family. 1 +1 = a team, the sum of your union with our staff who will guide you during this wonderful adventure, forming a single team with the common goal of providing a unique and inimitable event.

We know we have the great privilege of organizing the most significant day of your life and it is this that guides us in every moment of our work. There are many ways to give birth to a poem. Ours is to draw the perfect picture for your dream of love.

We mix insight and passion with good taste and clear ideas. We mix reliability, experience, imagination and creativity as needed, with a pinch of international flavor, and bake this mixture to meet constant new challenges. This is our recipe!

For these reasons, choosing us means that you guarantee yourself an elegant wedding that will surprise you and your guests. Choosing us means choosing a service with an international standard of excellence. We are an Italian company but we are also in New York City and Los Angeles, our staff is willing to listen to your desires, and to make them happen.

Being 100% Italian allows us to offer you unlimited knowledge of the area you have chosen for your wedding, and to offer suggestions that suit all your needs; from simple to sophisticated ones.

You are about to pronounce the most important "I do" of your life. But there is another word, which you certainly will not regret. Saying "yes" to The Wedding Care means putting a seal of exclusivity on your wedding. We will take care of the entire organization in every detail, leaving you just the most romantic moments of this great journey. Your only concern will be to say " I do."

There's no better place to say " I do" than Italy. No matter what your definition of romance and love might be, there is no denying that you can find what you are looking for in Italy, because no other place in the world can offer a scenario as poetic as Italy.

Artists and Poets of all time and places have left their souls here, and linked their names forever to this land. You can do it too, by choosing this country as the frame of your love. There is no other place more magical to start a walk of life with the person you love.

Those who choose Italy choose the style. Italy: It's beautiful and it knows it, yet without arrogance. With its breathtaking scenery, its villages and its cities, Italy has earned a reputation as "the garden of Europe". And you can choose any part of this beautiful garden for your wedding.

Cristina Ditta
Founder & Director

Combining a rigorous attention to detail honed while attaining a law degree with invaluable experience as a public relations manager and event planner in the entertainment, tourism and food and wine industries, Cristina is distinctly qualified to make your dream wedding a reality.

Taking the time to get to know each client as an individual, Cristina learns of her personality, tastes, and expectations, and plans an event as unique as the bride-to-be herself.

Cristina’s own love story began in New York City, where she met a handsome American who soon followed her back to her native Italy it was there that they married in an elegant ceremony on a Roman hillside. The Wedding Care was inspired by Cristina’s personal story, her hard work in putting together her own “special day,” and her passion for planning the perfect occasion.

With a deep knowledge of foreign customs and cultures, Cristina will complement your traditions with a dash of Italia!

What People Say About Us

Upon meeting Cristina at The Wedding Care, I knew two things: we were going to be friends and she knew EXACTLY what I was talking about when describing my dream wedding.

In the following months, she funneled my ideas in to a day that was timeless and whimsical. No detail was left out, even some that I had forgotten about and was so delighted to see! Our day was pure magic. Our guests thought so, we thought so, and we have the brilliant and committed team at The Wedding Care, who worked tirelessly, to thank!

Breana + Matt

Luca and I could not have found a better person to organize our special day. Cristina has the rare sensitivity to interpret desires and create them according to the other person’s style and taste.

Since I was a little girl my dream was to get married in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Capri. To organize such a complex event with guests from all over Italy would have been impossible without her.  She always gave me the best advice and her suggestions were always thoughtful and elegant. The results were and stunning and amazing for us and all of our guests. Our dream came true and thanks to Cristina we were able to share this dream with our guests. Thank you from the heart

Annamaria + Luca

“WOW where do we start in expressing our huge thanks to Cristina and The Wedding Care for making our wedding day the best ever!

It was absolutely perfect on every level and was way above our expectations. It was a complete and utter pleasure working with Cristina in the build up to the wedding. We frequently Skyped and emailed and she took on board everything I asked for and looked into it all to find the best way to achieve all the things I envisioned. Cristina is one of the loveliest people and she became more than just our wedding planner but a dear friend and a very special person in our life. I felt a complete ease in the run up to the wedding and knew that she had everything covered. She was there with me the day before and went through all the details with me to make sure everything was how we thought. I will never forget the feeling of when I walked out and saw everything all set up, it looked magical and completely took my breathe away. Cristina and her team where amazing in getting everything done and left me to get ready and enjoy my time before I walked out. We had the most incredible day and didn’t have to worry about a single thing. Everything was taken care of and we were left to enjoy the special day with our closest friends and family. I cannot recommend Cristina and her team enough, it just takes away all the stress and pressure and leaves you to take in the most over whelming day of your life. ”.

Sarah + Fraser

“The only way to describe The Wedding Care and our wedding day in summary is "perfection".

Cristina made my wedding a dream come true and I can't begin to thank her enough for all her hard work to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Cristina constantly came up with original ideas to suit my style and her organization of all her amazing vendors on the day made for a magical day! The service we received was absolutely excellent!!! The Wedding Care arranged everything- the legalities, priest, church, music, transport, caterers, venue, decorations and even the day after brunch. Cristina had outstanding organizational skills, always followed through, and was knowledgeable and accommodating to all my ideas, wants and needs. Her exquisite management of every detail made our wedding day carefree, such that we were able to be spontaneous and enjoy ourselves, which is what we loved. In the end, we also made a dear friend. We simply could not have done this without The Wedding Care.”

Diana + Peter

“Alberto and I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your hard work. You have been absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have asked for anyone better!

Thank you so much for providing the perfect organization, from the food to the music and the decorations. We had so many people say that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Everything turned out absolutely wonderful. We were just so glad everyone had fun!! So thank you again for all the passion you put into it. We would not have been this relaxed without you! Overall, I would definitely recommend The Wedding Care and you to any of my friends. You are easy to work with and you have a great personality!”

Veronica + Alberto

“When you decide to get married, after telling your family about how your future husband more or less kneeled to propose—you completely panic! Why? Because you like everything, want everything, but you don’t have any idea where to begin.

It was at the end of November, and without a ring, nor a proposal we entered the church of Santi Luca e Martina in Rome and reserved the date of our wedding. Astonished by what we had just done we returned home to contemplate the how, where, and what. That is when we began to look at thousands of sites for information and suggestions for the perfect wedding. Even though I already knew that I wanted to have a wedding planner by my side-I needed to find the Right One! Between one lead and another we found The Wedding Care. Speaking with Cristina Ditta, we immediately realized that we had something different in front of us - different from the typical organizations that make you feel like just another number. Nothing was prepackaged and everything could be exactly the way we wanted it. We had in front of us the person that would really make our wedding day the happiest day of our life. Resourcefulness, skill, professionalism, detail oriented, friendship, beauty, The Wedding Care represented all these things to us. It’s in vain that I write how beautiful, elegant, and refined that was day was—our photos serve as testimonies and are probably more objective than we can ever be. It was Cristina that made the difference. The difference is that special feeling that actually remains inside longafter. So as if we haven’t thanked you enough we would like to thank you again for being close to us and for giving us a magnificent day where love was the only true protoganist. Oh I almost forgot…the ring finally came. ”

Martina + Emiliano

“How does one handle emotions while having to think about every detail - from the gifts for the guests to the music. Its practically impossible.

Doing everything alone makes everything more complicated. Is it the right catering company? Live band or a DJ? What type of paper for the invitations? The wedding bouquet? The flower arrangements for the tables? Then we discovered The Wedding Care. Cristina takes complete care of her wife and groom. She immediately won us over. First she studies the couple, their tastes and their passions. And in the end she realizes your dreams. We still remember the day she presented the project to us. We were full of emotions and enchanted as we watched the screen. After only a couple of meetings she was able to encapsulate the exact mood of our wedding- chic vintage style with special pieces that reflected our professions as journalists. She took care of everything from the floral arrangements at the church and the reception, to the sourcing and placement of fine antique furniture in the villa—and it was done with a delicate and precise touch. Cristina handled all the logistics while everything was being prepared and worked with her suppliers who were very professional. With her you will never have the feeling of having forgotten something or have the feeling of being abandoned. Not only does she have the ability to pay attention to every single detail, but she also understands the anxiety of the bride and knows how to deal with the nervousness of the groom without ever being invasive. She was with us for the entire year till the day we got married. Everything was amazing: the candles on the steps of the altar, antique furniture, sweets on the antique radio, the seating arrangement board created with a vintage typewriter, and the photo corner with frames and glasses. Our guests were left speechless and to this day we still remember many of the wedding design details of our wedding day. It was the party we had always wanted and Cristina knew how to make our dream come true. ”

Valeria + Adriano

“To trust someone you don't know and not have any regrets, it is something absolutely wonderful.

Leading a busy lifestyle and having to manage a variety of work projects we sought the services of The Wedding Care five months before the wedding. Cristina was indispensable for us, without her we would not have been able to pronounce the important phrase "Yes, I do." Not only is she someone who we immediately connected with but she is also very professional. Her proposals were well researched and created with high level of taste. She offered millions of solutions to satisfy our desires and to make that day very special and stress free. Thank you very much!!!”

Licia + Fabio